Valve and Automation


General System Design has been the supplier of valves to many industrial plant in domestic and abroad since 1987 . Constitutively ,GSD is the distributor of producers and also manufactures valve .

GSD , from the date of its establishment till today, the world 's leading industrial valve manufacturer has made the Company of Turkish Representative

Currently, GSD is the solution partner of senior valve manufacturers in Turkey such as Pentair , GE Masoneilan , Cameron / Newco those recognition and quality are proven .


Pentair Group possesses well known trade marks. Approximately 60 numbers of factories products,various kinds of valves,valve accessories ,special products for special applications and the valves operating in difficult process conditions are provided for special solutions.

  • BIFFI (Pneumatic Actuators, Smart Programmable Actuators and Accessories)
  • CLARKSON (Knife Gate Valve)
  • KEYSTONE (Butterfly Valve, Check Valve, Knife Gate Valve, Quarter Turn Pneumatic Actuators, Electric Actuators and Accessories) (The first butterfly valve manufacturer)
  • SEMPELL (Globe Valve, Check Valve)
  • RAIMONDI (Gate Valve, Globe Valve, Check Valve )
  • VANESSA (Triple Offset)
  • AMAL
  • AVID (Solenoid Valve, Positioner)
  • CHEMAT (Ball Valve)
  • DEWRANCE (Check Valve)
  • FASANI (Gate Vana, Glob Vana, Check Valve)
  • FCT
  • FLOCHECK (Check Valve)
  • GACHOT (Ball Valve)
  • GULF (Check Valve)
  • HANCOCK (Gate / Glob / Check Valve)
  • HINDLE (Ball Valve
  • KLEIN (Glob Vana)
  • KTM (Ball Valve, Control Valves, Pneumatic Actuators)
  • L&M VALVE (Knife Gate Valve)
  • MCF (Ball Valve)
  • MECAFRANCE (Ball Valve)
  • MORIN (Quarter Turn Pneumatic Actuators, Pnömatik Aktuatör)
  • PRINCE (Check Valve)
  • RMI (Gate Vana)
  • ROVALVE (Knife Gate Valve)
  • SABO
  • SAPAG (Check Valve)
  • VONK
  • WINN (Butterfly Valve)

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GE MASONEILAN is one of the world's oldest manufacturer for Globe Control Valves .GE Masoneilan control valves superior performance, ensures a long life and reliable service when working conditions such as most simple to the most difficult , high temperature, low temperature , low pressure, high pressure , to the corrosive from non-corrosive application. Generally GE Masoneilan product range;

  • Control Valves
  • Digital Instruments
  • Control Equipment
  • Accessories


Cameron/ Newco is an USA originated Company fabricating Globe and Check valves.The company has a very huge stock capacity in İtaly, in England and in USA and produces valves in very wide range of material and capable to fabricate valves from 150 lbs to 4500 lbs.

  • Gate Valve
  • Globe Valve
  • Check Valve


Indycon Globe Valves are produced by GSD since the year 2000in Turkey. The design is made by Turkish Engineers and production is made in GSD facilities and GSD has the know-how for these and the casting of valves is made locally.

  • Valve Size: DN15-DN150
  • Body Material: Ductile Iron, Cast Steel, Stainless Steel
  • Pressure Class: PN25 (Ductile), PN40 (Cast Steel / Stainless Steel)
  • Actuator: Pneumatic and electrical
  • Flow Characteristics: linear, equal percentage
  • Seal Type: Metal or PTFE
  • Maximum temperature: 350 ° C
  • Seal: Class 4 (Metal Gasket), Class 6 (PTFE Gaskets)

Overall, GSD serve many different sectors about hard to success processes in addition to almost as representative of all companies' product groups with Indycon globe control valve in Turkey industry and world countries .GSD approach demands and problems with engineering vision and creating solutions makes GSD One of the industry's leading companies have brought to the position since 10 years.

GENERAL SYSTEM DESIGN INC Industrial Automation is your Complete Solutions partner with those all products and the high level of engineering and field staff .