Valve and Automation

GSD has added a new look to its industrial solutions and has started sales of measurement and control instruments . Foxboro which GSD is representative has a range of very specific products for industrial process applications Our company has many major references in this field with superior information equipment that can provide customized solutions for every industry .


“The power of the system increases with the integrity of the parts”

Today, Schneider Electric / Invensys , Foxboro and Eckardt offers a variety of solutions for field instruments .

The main instruments in this context;
  • Pressure and Differential Pressure Transmitters
  • Level and Density Transmitters
  • Flowmeter, Flow Meters, Flow Transmitters and Flow Simulators.
  • Temperature Transmitter, Temperature Detectors, Thermocouple and Thermowell.
  • Analyzers and Sensors (pH, conductivity, redox, dissolved oxygen)
  • Circular and Straight Recorders.
  • Pneumatic, Electro-Pneumatic, Analog and Digital Positioners (Foxboro Eckardt)/li>
  • Controllers
Foxboro has of the features that make the product superior to others;
  • High efficiency
  • Easy installation and setup
  • High sensitivity
  • Different output output
  • Wide measurement range
  • Special models for explosion-proof applications
  • With the keypad on the screen comes out easy configuration and calibration.