Valve and Automation

Automation is to transfer a portion of the workload or all to the machines for more efficient use of manpower . Processes of industrial automation systems has become a necessity for faster work, standard and safety

GSD is the first domestic company that has pioneered the establishment of Automation systems in Turkey. The operating systems that have established by GSD benefits quality, cost , and acceleration . GSD regarding automation systems; software, hardware, gives the supply and implementation services .

References includingt a lot of different sectors ; textile, chemical, petrochemical, power , steam satral , tank farms, oil and gas, water treatment, food , yarn / cord , mining, organized industrial zones ... like many areas DCS, PLC , SCADA, ESD Operator Units, Motion Control , conventional control and custom software applications are achieved by the GSD .


GSD serves in a covered area of 4000 m2 in Techno Plaza . All Techno Plaza is managed via automation system.

GSD service building is the first location. producing energy with minimum cost and all building electrical ,heating and cooling needs is provided by natural gas microturbines .

Office automation is provided in the working environment with the latest technology, GSD workers with this technological superiority, offers faster and more reliable services to their customers.