Endüstriyel Vanalar


Pentair Group possesses well known trade marks. Approximately 60 numbers of factories products,various kinds of valves,valve accessories ,special products for special applications and the valves operating in difficult process conditions are provided for special


GE Masoneilan Company is one of the leader companies fabricating Globe Control Valves.GE Masoneilan Company is serving Control Valves being operated under severe process conditions with high efficiency ,long life and relaibility.


Cameron/ Newco is an USA originated Company fabricating Globe and Check valves.The company has a very huge stock capacity in İtaly, in England and in USA and produces valves in very wide range of material and capable to fabricate valves from 150 lbs to 4500 lbs.


Indycon Globe Valves are produced by GSD since the year 2000in Turkey. The design is made by Turkish Engineers and production is made in GSD facilities and GSD has the know-how for these and the casting of valves is made locally. Indycon Globe Valves are used in moderate process

Waste Heat Recovery Boilers ( HRSG )


Foxboro is serving for various and innovative solutions for industrial measuring and control instruments for field applications.

Atık Isı Kazanları


Nooter Eriksen has totaly over 600 references for Waste Heat Recover Units ( HRSG ) all over the World including Turkey. Nooter Eriksen is a leading Engineering Company and manufacturer of HRSG Units.

Gaz Motorları

CUMMINS Power Generation

Cummins motors having high technology and special design, are used for energy generation from Natural gas,biogas and Landfill gas.