In Waste Heat Recover Steam Generators produces steam using the heat generated by cumbustion of the fuel in gas türbine or gas motors ( Natural gas,biogas,landfill gas,diesel etc. )In simple cycle units the electrical efficiency of gas turbines is about 30-35 %. In case gas motors this figüre is about 40-44 %. This electrical efficiency values may be increased up to 60-62 % using HRSG units. The steam produced in HRSG units may be used for different purposes ( heating,process steam etc ) then the system is called Cogeneration. In case using steam in Steam Turbines for Electricity production then the overall system is Combined Cycle Power Plant ( CCPP )

The technological superiority of Nooter Eriksen Boilers;

1- Horizontal flow,natural circulation, and free expansion piping design 2- Over 100 MW capacities 3- High efficiency and high quality steam production 4- Lower cost and higher quality 5- Continuous energy production 6- Extremely low operation cost in long term

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