Cogeneration systems produces electrical and heat energies at the same time. Thus, it is more economical to produce heat and electrical energies separately.In Simple Cycle systems either by gas turbines or gas motors, only 30-35 % of the fuel energy is converted to Electricity. In cogeneration systems the exhaust energy is also used and 70-90 % of total fuel energy is converted to usable energy. This process is called combined heat and power systems ( CHP ) or briefly Cogeneration System.

GSD is capable to construct natural gas cogeneration systems as EPC on turnkey basis including civil works, E&M installation works, material procurement,commissioning and start up.

Biogas Applications in Cogeneration Systems

Biogas is a gas mixture produced through anaerobic fermantation ( Methane Fermantation ) of organic material. Typically the CH4 content of Biogas is about 45-60 % and the rest is practically CO2.Trace amount of H2S,N2 and CO are existing in Biogas. Biogas is also known as Gobar gas or Marsh gas.

In practice the composition of Biogas is 60 % CH4 and 40% CO2 and the heat value of Biogas can be considered to be 17-25 kJ/sm3.Fermantation of Organic material into Biogas can be considered to be endless energy source on the one hand and the elimination of organic material to cause Environmental problems on the other. So, every efford for Biogas applications and supporting those activities are also very important for Country economy.

Biogas is also Energy source like Natural gas and the followings are the use of Biogas for alternative energy source.

  • Direct burning for heating
  • Using as fuel in motor
  • Using in Gas Turbines and Gas motors and Electricity production
  • Using in Fuel Cells
  • Adding into Natural gas and lowering the cost of Natural gas
  • Using in production of some Chemicals